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 Center of Industry - Academia Collaboration


  • Assist in Filing for Patent Applications
  • Technology Transfer and Licensing
  • Industry-Academia Collaboration and Contract Negotiation
  • Judgement of Attribution of Intellectual Property Rights and Distribution of Royalties from Industry-Academia Collaboration Projects
  • Construction and Maintenance of NTU R&D Accomplishments Database
  • Innovation and Start-up Consulting Services
  • R&D Resources Consulting Services
  • Operations Management Consulting Services
  • Marketing and Promotion Strategies
  • Enterprise Roadmapping Consulting Services
  • Research Collaboration
  • Industrial Services
  • Incubation Services


The CIAC Team






Professor, Business Administration

Associate Dean for Research and Development

Tel: 886-2-33669955
Intellectual Property Management Fax: 886-2-23636418
Manager Eric SHIH ericshih@ntu.edu.tw Tel: 886-2-33669953
Manager Lanie CHEN laniechen@ntu.edu.tw Tel: 886-2-33669952
Manager Winston PAN lutepan@ntu.edu.tw Tel: 886-2-33669951
Manager Kerra LEE kerra@ntu.edu.tw Tel: 886-2-33669954
Assistant Yun-Chi TAI yunchitai@ntu.edu.tw Tel: 886-2-33669945-6
Technology Transfer Fax: 886-2-23636418
Manager Hung-Chan CHEN chenhc0902@ntu.edu.tw Tel: 886-2-33669950
Manager Chi-Lieh SU such@ntu.edu.tw Tel: 886-2-33669949
Assistant Chia-Hui LIU amberkiu@ntu.edu.tw Tel: 886-2-33669945-6
Assistant Pei-ShanHUANG peishan36@ntu.edu.tw Tel: 886-2-33669945-6
Industrial-Academic Cooperation Planning Fax: 886-2-23636418
Legal Manager Agri HUANG agrihuang@ntu.edu.tw Tel: 886-2-33669947
Senior Clerk G-Wen Shih gwenshih@ntu.edu.tw Tel: 886-2-33669955