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 Division of Research Project Affairs

  1. Services
  2. One-Stop Window
  3. People
  4. Regulation & Forms
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  7. Flowcharts

  8. A. Services

    1. Manage the administration of Industrial-Academic Cooperation Project, including announcement, application, contract signing and request for payment.
    2. Manage affairs with respect to employment of personnel and issuance of certificate for full-time personnel of the Project
    3. Set up and maintain website of Division of Research Project Affairs and database of various projects and manpower resources
    4. Plan, set up and maintain attendance management system of project personnel
    5. Administer procedures pertaining to R&D alternative service, management and assessment, and website maintenance
    6. Process applications and the administration of MOST Outstanding Research Award, MOST Ta-You Wu Memorial Award and so forth 
    7. Administer affairs of college student research projects and College Student Research Award
    8. Stipulate and revise relevant regulations for cooperation projects and project personnel Administration
    9. Other administrative tasks with respect to industrial-academic cooperation and research projects


    B. One-Stop Window

    Ruo-jhen Wang Tel: 886-2-33663269
    Hsuan-yi Huang Tel: 886-2-33663267


    C. People

    Job Title Name Email Tel
    Division Director Shu-shin Lo shushinlo@ntu.edu.tw 886-2-33663268
    Associate Manager Ya-kuan Chang yakuanchang@ntu.edu.tw 886-2-33669958
    Senior Clerk Ruo-jhen Wang rjwang@ntu.edu.tw 886-2-33663269
    Senior Clerk Kuang-hsun Chen kcchen@ntu.edu.tw 886-2-33669957
    Senior Clerk Mei-chen Su sumeichen@ntu.edu.tw 886-2-33669958
    Senior Clerk Chia-jung Yang elmayang@ntu.edu.tw 886-2-33663269
    Senior Clerk Shih-fan Yang shihfanyang@ntu.edu.tw 886-2-33663268
    Senior Clerk Tseng-hui Hsu tsenghui@ntu.edu.tw 886-2-33669957
    Senior Clerk Hsuan-yi Huang joycehyhuang@ntu.edu.tw 886-2-33663267
    Senior Clerk Yi-hsin Lin yhlin1012@ntu.edu.tw 886-2-33663267
      Fax: 886-2-23632554


    D. Regulation & Forms

    1 Application of Certificates for "Industrial-Academic Cooperation Projects" in National Taiwan University
    2 Contract of Employment for Contract-based Full-time Employee of Industrial-Academic Cooperation Projects in National Taiwan University
    3 Contract of Employment for Contract-based Part-time Employee of Industrial-Academic Cooperation Projects in National Taiwan University
     4  Contract for Postdoctoral Fellow Appointment in Industrial-Academic Cooperation Projects in National Taiwan University
    5 National Taiwan University Guidelines on Industrial-Academic Cooperation Projects
    6 National Taiwan University Service Guidelines on Contracted Personnel for Industrial-Academic Cooperation Projects
     7  National Taiwan University Research Scholarships Guidelines
    8 National Taiwan University Agreement for Learning-oriented Assistant and Employee-based Assistant for Research Projects
     9  1.1-CollaborativeResearchAgreement  
    10 1.2-CollaborativeResearchAgreement
    11 2.1-CollaborativeResearchAgreement
    12 3-CollaborativeResearchAgreement
    13 What Foreign Project Employees Need to Know While Working in Taiwan (Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Assistants) 
    14 Ministry of Science and Technology Postdoctoral Fellow Reporting for Duty Flowchart
    15 Separation Checklist for Industrial-Academic Cooperation Projects in National Taiwan University


    E. Map


    F. Reference

    1. Information for Foreigners in Taiwan
    2. EZ Work Taiwan

    【Last updated 2019/07/16】

    G. Flowcharts