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 Division of Strategic Planning


v Grants Supported by the Aim for the Top University Project 

n Cutting-Edge Steering Research Projects 

n Excellent Research Projects

n Academic-Research Careers Development Program

n International Research Collaboration Programs 

n Industry-Academia Collaborative Programs 

v Initiative Research Grant for New Faculty Members 

v Recruitment of Research WorkforcePostdoctoral Research Fellows and Research Technicians 

v Outstanding Academic Achievement Award 

v University-Level Core Facilities

v Applications for the Grants of Bilateral/Multilateral Collaborative Research Program Supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)




Our Team

Director of Strategic Planning

Prof. Chia-Wen Wu


Department of Chemical Engineering 



Associate Manager

  1. Management and Oversight of the Utilization of High-Precision Laboratory Equipment
  2. Oversee the Cutting-Edge Research Projects 
  3. Accept Nominations of Outstanding Academic Achievement Award 
  4. Oversee the Budget of the Aim for the Top University Project 
  5. Oversee the Allocation of University Research Space and Accept Applications 
  6. Oversee the Review of Academic Journal Publication Subsidy Applications 

Shih-Chien LO 




Associate Manager

  1. Industry-Academia Collaborative Programs (Class. II) 
  2. Core Laboratories of the 7 Major Research Centers 
  3. Oversee the Projects of the Research Excellence Program 
  4. Reallocation of Residual Funds 
  5. Promotion of Research Technicians 



Ya-Chi CHAN 




Senior Clerk

  1. Events Coordinator of NTU Research and Teaching Excellence (Expositions & Press Conferences) 
  2. TUSA Administrative Affairs
  3. Data Collection and Report of the Aim for the Top University Project  






Senior Clerk

  1. Oversee the Review and Employment of Postdoctoral Research Fellows 
  2. Oversee the Review and Employment of Research Technicians 
  3. Ad Hoc Committee Meetings and Review Committee Meetings
  4. Oversee the Academic-Research Careers Development Program (the Investigator Award) 
  5. Oversee Contracts of Remuneration Compensation Derived from the Faculty's Full-Time/Part-Time Involvement with a Commercial Enterprise or For-Profit Organization 
  6. Accept Applications for Reduction of Teaching Hours 
  7. Oversee the Review of Proposals to Establish New Departments or Institutes


Pei-Chun CHEN 




Research Assistant

  1. Construction Operations Management for the Research Excellence Building 
  2. Space Allocation of the Research Excellence Building


Pei-Ning TANG 




Senior Clerk

  1. Public Relations 
  2. International Symposiums and Overseas Institutional Visits
  3. Contact to Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on behalf of the Top University Strategic Alliance (TUSA)
  4. Coordinate TUSA Overseas Academic Collaboration Programs and the TUSA Presidents Meetings
  5. International Research-intensive Centers of Excellence (I-RiCE)
  6. Overseas Strategic Alliances


Chun-Ju HSIAO 




Senior Clerk

  1. File All NTU Applications for the Grants of the MOST Bilateral/Multilateral Collaborative Research Programs
  2. Accept Applications for Initiative Research Grant for New Faculty Members 
  3. Accept Applications of Research Funding for Junior Faculty (Parallel Funding to the MOST Research Programs)
  4. Oversee the Academic-Research Careers Development Program (the Laurel Award) 
  5. Accept Applications for the Academic Awards of the Ministry of Education (MOE), Academia Sinica and Some Other Government Agencies
  6. Oversee the Review of Applications for the Science Park
  7. Visiting Scholars to the 7 Major Research Centers 


Yi-Ping LEE 




Regulation & Forms