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  It is the goal of National Taiwan University (NTU) to become a tiptop Chinese academic institution as well as a world-class university in the 21st century. To achieve this goal, the Office of Research and Development (ORD) has made active efforts to promote academic research and development in school and worked out full-fledged plans to optimize the environment for researches and industrial-academic cooperation. Facilities for researches and energy for industrial-academic cooperation have been reinforced. School resources have been consolidated to facilitate collaborative researches, train human resources for basic researches and encourage across-the-board upgrades in every field to achieve key breakthroughs in order to attract both domestic and foreign first-rate talents, increase derivative profits from intellectual property, and secure the leadership of NTU in academic research in Taiwan as well as sustainable progress. The missions of ORD are as follows:    

  1. Strengthen, extend and encourage R&D in every field at NTU and improve research facilities to build up an environment advantageous for researches in order to secure the leadership of NTU in academic researches.
  2. Integrate conventional academic activities with current researches in related disciplines to achieve the goal of comprehensive education in university; enhance the research capacity at the graduate level and conduct academic cooperation and exchanges with prestigious research organizations overseas.
  3. Encourage each department to conduct interdisciplinary research and development and provide needed administrative assistance to guide them toward effective and non-conventional research directions.
  4. Aiming at researches in new interdisciplinary fields (researches inappropriate to categorize in line with conventional disciplinary classification), provide adequate research resources to secure NTU”s leadership in advanced technology R&D.
  5. Assist NTU teachers and researchers to obtain government as well as corporate research funding and ensure pertaining responsibilities are clarified after the funds have come in.
  6. Create a complete animal experiment research center and apply the highest research standards for animal experiments in school.
  7. Establish a complete human and animal test ethic system to ascertain research quality.
  8. Promote international research cooperation projects and create a research platform that meets international criteria.
  9. Reinforce industrial-academic cooperation and exchanges to encourage teachers to engage in development and application of new resources and technologies beneficial to Taiwan; provide assistance in acquisition of patents and intellectual property management to help create new technology industries as well as promote sustainable progress for NTU.