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  Division of Strategic Planning



v Grants Supported by the Aim for the Top University Project 

n Cutting-Edge Steering Research Projects 

n Excellent Research Projects 

n Academic-Research Careers Development Programs 

n International Research Collaboration Programs 

n Industry-Academia Collaborative Programs 

v Initiative Research Grant for New Faculty Members 

v Recruitment of Research WorkforcePostdoctoral Research Fellows and Research Technicians 

v Outstanding Academic Achievement Award 

v Management of Interdepartmental and Interinstitutional High-Precision Laboratory Equipment 

v The Top University Strategic Alliance (TUSA) 

n TUSA Presidents Meetings 

n TUSA Overseas Academic Collaboration Programs 

v Applications for the Grants of Bilateral/Multilateral Collaborative Research Programs Supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)




  Division of Research Project Affairs




v Manage the administration of Industrial-Academic Cooperation Project, including announcement, application, contract signing and request for payment.

v Manage affairs with respect to employment of personnel and issuance of certificate for full-time personnel of the Project

v Set up and maintain website of Division of Research Project Affairs and database of various projects and manpower resources

v Design, set up and maintain attendance management system of project personnel

v Administer procedures pertaining to R&D alternative service, management and assessment, and website maintenance

v Process applications and the administration of MOST Outstanding Research Award, MOST Ta-You Wu Memorial Award and so forth 

v Administer affairs of college student research projects and College Student Research Award

v Stipulate and revise relevant regulations for cooperation projects and project personnel Administration

v Other administrative tasks with respect to industrial-academic cooperation and research projects






   Center of Industrial-Academic Cooperation




v Assist in Filing for Patent Applications

v Technology Transfer and Licensing

v Industry-Academia Collaboration and Contract Negotiation

v Judgement of Attribution of Intellectual Property Rights and Distribution of Royalties from Industry-Academia Collaboration Projects

v Construction and Management of R&D Accomplishments Database

v Innovation and Start-up Consulting Services

v R&D Resources Consulting Services

v Operations Management Consulting Services

v Marketing and Promotion Strategies

v Enterprise Roadmapping Consulting Services 

v Research Collaboration

v Industrial Services

v Incubation Services