Physical Facilities


The University provides support for interdisciplinary research through various space services, including the Center for Population and Gender Studies, the Center for Condensed Matter Sciences, the Center for Biotechnology, the Biodiversity Research Center, the D-School, the Complex for Research Excellence, and the Biotechnology Building. These spaces provide opportunities for faculty and students to engage in interdisciplinary exchanges and research activities. In addition, our university offers physical facilities that provide interdisciplinary research services, including the Consortia of Key Technologies, the Instrument Sharing Centers, the National Taiwan University High Performance Computing, the Clean Room at the Nano-Electro-Mechanical-System (NEMS) Research Center, and the Technology Commons (TechComm) at the College of Life Science. By utilizing these spaces and services, faculty and students at our university can unleash their creativity and innovation abilities, ultimately contributing to society through interdisciplinary research.

國立臺灣大學重點技術平台/NTU Consortia of Key Technologies

  To advance the University’s key instrument analysis techniques, research efforts, and international influence, the Office of Research and Development (ORD) has established the NTU Consortia of Key Technologies in the five domains of mass spectrometry, molecular imaging, electron microscopy, semiconductor processing and integrative biomedical science. The consortia are supported by an expert system consisting of professors, professional technical staff, as well as cutting-edge core facilities, and by the University's existing expensive instruments, to provide both basic analysis service and solutions to advanced problems. Besides basic analyses, the consortia also feature consulting and follow-up research services for highly challenging and cutting-edge research topics. The experts will first determine the difficulty level of questions and designate appropriate facilities in the consortia to help conduct research analysis based on the identified needs so that both the use of instruments and analytical precision can be maximized. With the consortia supported by experts, NTU is expected to elevate its research quality in relevant domains.

儀器設備共同使用中心/Instrument Sharing Centers

  The Office of Research and Development, National Taiwan University hereby establishes the Instrument Sharing Centers to promote the sharing of the University’s resources and the effective management and use of valuable instruments and equipment, as well as to plan, designate and guide research centers, laboratories, and their valuable equipment in participating in the sharing program.


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