Promotion System


Each of our university's colleges recognizes faculty members' contributions to interdisciplinary research in the promotion and evaluation processes. Interdisciplinary research is valued in particular by the evaluation and promotion criteria for Distinguished Professors, researchers, Research Experts, and Research Technicians. For example, qualifications for a distinguished professorship include significant professional practical contributions to society and outstanding concrete achievements. In addition, the promotion review guidelines of the College of Bio-resources and Agriculture evaluate the academic service based on the professor's involvement in the other activities that highlight the University's social responsibility and public value.

Office of the Executive Vice President


Office of Research and Development

研究專家升遷制度/Promotion of Research Experts:中文頁面 English

研究技術人員升遷制度/Promotion of Research Technician:中文頁面 English

Office of Personnel


國立臺灣大學特聘教授設置暨特聘加給給與實施要點/NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Directives for Appointing Distinguished Professors and Implementing Their Differential Pay:中文 / English

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