Incentivizing Measures


The University takes proactive measures to promote interdisciplinary research among students and faculty members by offering various resources for both individuals and research teams. The Interdisciplinary Programs and the Specialization Programs provide students with opportunities to systematically cultivate interdisciplinary research abilities. The International Collaboration Seed Funding and NTU Core Consortiums provide faculty members with the necessary resources and guidance from experienced faculty members to establish interdisciplinary research teams. The International collaboration research projects provide a platform for advanced strategic cooperation across borders. Furthermore, the NTU University-level Research Centers are larger-scale international interdisciplinary research teams. In addition, our university, which has a long-standing reputation in the medical field, has encouraged the hospital to increase its research collaborations with the campus colleges and offers scholarships for interdisciplinary programs. The University's interdisciplinary research is a prominent feature that promotes interdisciplinary exchanges and cooperation across different sectors including industry, government, and academia.

校級功能性研究中心 / NTU University-level Research Centers



教務處 / Office of Academic Affairs

學分學程 / Interdisciplinary Programs:學程列表

領域專長 / Specialization Program Compass:查詢系統

研究發展處 / Office of Research and Development

核心研究群計畫/Excellence in Key Advantages Program :中文頁面 English

國際合作研究計畫/International Cooperative Research Projects :中文頁面 English

研究空間/Research Space :中文頁面 English

國際事務處 / Office of International Affairs

國際合作種子計畫/NTU International Collaboration Seed Funding:相關連結

醫學院 / College of Medicine

臺大醫院與臺灣大學各學院合作研究計畫執行要點 / The cooperative research project between National Taiwan University Hospital and each college of National Taiwan University:法規下載

GIP-TRIAD Scholarship:相關連結

CH Biotech Scholarship < Only for GIP-TRIAD Students>:相關連結