Administrative Support


The Office of Research and Development at National Taiwan University offers comprehensive administrative support to interdisciplinary research teams. The services provided include Hiring Research Experts, Research Technicians, and conducting research ethics reviews to meet the specific research needs. In order to integrate the research capabilities of the various colleges and improve the execution capabilities of the administrative units, the University established the Sustainable Development Promotion Committee and the Office of Sustainability in 2022, responsible for coordinating administrative and academic units, planning and promoting action plans related to sustainable development. Moreover, the Sustainability Office not only promotes sustainable development-related activities within the university, but also assists and participates in social responsibility work outside of the university, exerting social influence. These efforts demonstrate our university's distinctive characteristics in interdisciplinary research, promoting sustainable development, making contributions to society.

Office of Research and Development

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Office of Sustainability


This website summarizes NTU's achievements in sustainable development in recent years, demonstrating how NTU fulfills our University Social Responsibility by promoting sustainability on campus and to society.

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